About Aion Electronics

We all started somewhere. For me, it was opening up a Boss DS-1 pedal back in 2008 and thinking it shouldn’t be too complicated to improve. That was the first time I turned on a soldering iron, and on account of some beginner’s luck, I didn’t break anything—and not only that, the pedal sounded fantastic when I was done.

I started offering pedal modification and repair services locally in 2010, but it wasn’t long before I built a pedal from scratch and realized it was way more fun than modding. The first one I ever built was a Ross-style compressor, and though I built many others after that, the Ross circuit continued to hold my attention. After a great deal of tweaking (I can count seven major revisions), I finally ended up with something I was extremely proud of, and realized that it was something that others might be interested in.

This process taught me a lot about how to design PCB layouts thoughtfully and efficiently. I had created a few more PCBs along the way for my own use, and in 2013 I decided to offer these for sale to DIYers. And now here we are. While most of my time is spent designing new PCB projects and shipping them all around the world, I also do contract design for a few large pedal companies.

By day, I am gainfully and ecstatically employed as the technology director at Juicebox Interactive, a small web development and branding firm located in Des Moines’ wonderful downtown.