I know most of us are DIYers, but I wanted to let you all know about this in case 1) the Lab Series L5 Preamp project was a little too intimidating of a build, or 2) you’ve had someone gawk at yours and ask you to build one for them, but you don’t have the stamina to do another one. Here’s the answer!

Alchemy Audio Lab Series L5 Preamp

Alchemy Audio based out of Chicago will be doing a run of 50 fully assembled Lab Series Preamp pedals. I’ve been working with Johnny on the initial prototype, and he’s knocked it out of the park in every way. He’s a very skilled builder who has been doing builds, modifications and repairs for several years and his work is impeccable.

Johnny recently sat down with Reverb.com to do a demo video:

You can preorder from Reverb.com or directly from Alchemy Audio.

Four enclosures left

I still have four more Lab Series enclosures remaining from the group buy this past fall. These are powdercoated, drilled and screenprinted, and with the right hardware, you can build one that looks exactly like the pedal above. Once they’re gone, that’s it, so don’t wait if you are interested!

…and a DC-2 update

Closing in fast. The 17 pages (!) of documentation are complete. Now I just have to do some final testing of the PCB before placing the order with the fabrication company. I’m going to tentatively tell you it’ll be in about 4 weeks (middle of April), but I am hoping to be able to surprise you with an earlier release if things come together.