What do you get when you take a vintage Electro-Harmonic Small Stone and turn half of the resistors into switches and knobs? The Whetstone is to phasers what the Fuzz Factory was to the Fuzz Face: endlessly tweakable and capable of sonic mayhem, but still very musical and a lot of fun.

Redshift Phaser - based on the Blackout Whetstone

The vintage syrupy analog phaser goodness is sandwiched between super-fast ring modulation and slow 40-second sweeps that are perfect for ambient pads. Toggle switches let you select between 2 stages or 4 stages, asymmetrical filtering (think Univibe), vibrato mode, and lots more. And the Redshift adds one feature not found in the original Whetstone: a second Rate control that can be activated with a footswitch.

This is just the first of what I hope is several more deluxe projects that will come out later in the year. If you’re bored with overdrives and fuzz (and I’m definitely not, but I get it) then this will be right up your alley.