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PCBs are 20% off from now through the end of the day Monday, November 28! No coupon is required. The sale excludes bypass PCBs, but the Lab Series L5 Preamp is included!

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Three new projects

I have three new projects available now. (Yes, they are included in the sale!)

EHX Op-Amp Big Muff Pi - Aion Corvus FuzzCorvus / ’77 Big Muff Op Amp

The Corvus Fuzz is a replica of the 1977 Big Muff Pi redesign that used op-amps instead of bipolar transistors. It was designed by Howard Davis and was available from 1977-1980. It’s been described as having a harder edge, more of a “grinding” sound than the original Big Muff Pi which is smoother. It’s most well-known as the pedal behind the guitar tone on Smashing Pumpkins’ 1993 album Siamese Dream.

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MI Audio Crunch Box PCB - Crescent DistortionCrescent / MI Audio Crunch Box

The Crescent Distortion is inspired by the MI Audio Crunch Box. The Crunch Box started out as a tweaked Bluesbreaker with some inspiration from the OCD, and quickly gained traction as one of the best high-gain “stack of amps” pedals on the market. While the Crescent Distortion is not a direct clone of the Crunch Box, it is most similar to Version 3, but with an added option for 18V operation using a charge pump as well as an external “Presence” control.

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Suhr Riot DIY PCB - Fusion DistortionFusion / Suhr® Riot Distortion™

The Fusion Distortion is inspired by the Suhr® Riot Distortion™, which itself started out as a tweaked clone of the MI Audio Crunch Box and has a similar Marshall-like flavor. The Fusion is not a direct clone of either the original Riot or its successor, the Riot Reloaded. It’s most similar to the original version, but with an added option for 18V operation using a charge pump as well as an internal “Presence” control which the original does not have. Aion Electronics has no affiliation with Suhr® or JS Technologies. Riot Distortion™ is a trademark of JS Technologies.

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What about the Boss DC-2?

This is still in progress. I have what I think is the finalized PCB design, but it still needs to be thoroughly tested and the documentation needs to be written. In the past three months I’ve moved to a new house and had a baby, so it’s been all I could do just to keep up with orders! I expect the DC-2 project to be released sometime in January or February 2017, once things level out a bit at home.

Speaking of 2017: starting January 1, I’ll be dropping my hours at my day job, taking Fridays off to focus on Aion Electronics. Things have been going very well this past year: I’ve not only been able to release several new and exciting circuits that have been well-received, but I’ve also been contracted to design a series of pedals for a few companies that you have definitely heard of. By taking Fridays off, it will give me the time I need to focus on creating new projects and doing contracted design work.

The DC-2 will be the “flagship” of next year, but I have a lot more projects partially completed that I am excited to finish up. Much less on the distortion/overdrive side of things and more on the modulation. It’s going to be an exciting year!