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3-in-1 GFX Console

Project: Refractor (Klon Centaur / KTR)
Variant: High Gain

Build description

I set out to build a pedal that could serve as a grab & go or a minimalist setup for jamming at home. So here it is, acid etched by Dan at ADD Pedals and in all of its glory!

Here’s the signal flow:
– Klon (Refractor PCB)
– Mimik Delay (Madbean)
– Moodring Reverb (Madbean)

I think I’ve finally managed to incorporate all of my favorite tweaks into the Refractor part of the build, thanks to the helpful hints in the build doc and other industry greats!

Modifications or part substitutions

“High gain” mod (R10), Tone knob shift (R21, R23)