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Project: Corona (Boss OD-1 OverDrive)
Variant: Boss OD-1 Overdrive

Build description

With the Aion Project name “Corona”, and nowadays I can not use another name for my Pedal other then COVID-19

Around 16 Years ago I was used to build Guitar Pedals but PCB was the big challenge… Now it was my first Aion Project. I have bought the PBC from The components was bought in USA and Brazil.

The PCB is very organized and with high quality, that is what I expected.
Now I am excited to build the next…

Modifications or part substitutions

I have cutted 2 8-PIN IC Socket and in place of D2-D9. Now I have the possibility to change and test different Clipping to align with my Gear.
Standard clipping (Asym. 1x 1N914 + 2x 1N914): Sounds very cool, better then the Original 1981.
Real Zendrive clipping: I have used the Mosfet transistor, Schottky and Germanium diodes. For me, that is the best option overall. Sounds perfect…
The EQ Mod brings too much Bass to my Gear, I would try to reduce the CX1 and RX1 a bit…