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Dimension C DC-2

Project: Blueshift (BOSS® DC-2 Dimension C)
Variant: Stock bypass with NOS NE570s, MN3007s, MN3101s for that extra MOJO

Build description

I spent ~2 months building this one. I took my time stuffing the boards because I knew it was a complex build. One day resistors(almost 100 of them), one day capacitors, another day ICs, another day drilling the enclosure, another day test fitting everything, another day for graphics etc. This was really important because misplacing something would be hell to track down with such a high parts count. I copied the graphics provided, but since I had already drilled the enclosure I use pulsar pro fx to make my own decals. I also used the BOM provided for mouser. I don’t think I could have pulled of this build without it. Everything fits soooooo tight. I only biased the chips to 3.4v. Once I plugged it in, I decided not to bias any further, it sounds great. I’ll noodle with it if I ever get my hands on an o-scope, but the recommended 3.4v bias already sounds amazing.

I can see why people rave about this pedal so much. The chorus is mild on setting one, and goes to rich and deep on other settings, on some it chimes. The four setting all have a distinct character. I think the four settings provided by roland originally were probably fine, they really got it right, but having the switches really lets you have a lot of combinations. It is really nice to be able to get such a deep chorus without all the wobble you see on other analog chorus pedals.

A damn fine project!

Modifications or part substitutions

Mods!?!? I was happy to get this in the 125B as it is!