Black Octopus Pedalworx

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DOPAMINE OVERDRIVE based on the Klon Centaur circuit.

Project: Refractor (Klon Centaur / KTR)

Build description

01. Xicon 1% metal film resistors.
02. Kemet 5% MLCC (C0G)
03. WIMA Box Film 5% or 10% if 5% unavailable. TDK/EPCOS and Kemet box film
also used for less common values.
04. Nichicon Fine Gold electrolytics.
05. Mill-Max IC sockets. Gold plated pins and sockets.
06. Texas Instruments Op-Amps
07. Microchip Charge Pump
08. Choice for diodes was very involved. Based on extended listening and
testing. I took the top 5 in sound and tested the forward voltage of each and
every diode. No assumption was made. Looking to closely match the original
spec of 0.35v. The diodes were matched in pairs to the original spec and to
each other +/- 0.03v. The diode that most closely matched the original spec
also the one that sounded
best to my ears.

Quality control

The principles of process control, root-cause analysis and constant vigilance. All
were utilized throughout these builds.

All resistors, diodes, box film and electros
were all tested with a Fluke 17B+ Hand Held Multi-Meter (HHMM) for both
indicated value and tolerance.

100% of the solder joints were examined under a digital microscope and re-
flowed on the spot, if needed.

Modifications or part substitutions

01. Output pot changed from linear-type to logarithmic-type which more closely mimics
the way the human ear appreciates sound.
02. The diodes, see below.