Steven Seeley

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Dueling 808’s

Project: Stratus (Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer)
Variant: Stock 808's with juicy clipping switch

Build description

Built two stock 808’s both with 1N914’s and the LED clipping.

In the orange one, I went with symmetrical 1N914 + 1N4001 to try and get a little fuzziness (with the bass switch and the tone all the way down). It barely touches fuzz region and has a ton of versatility. This one I built for my buddy’s daughter.

In the blue one, I went asymmetrical 1N914 + 1N4001 (1.028) on one side and 1N914 + 1N270 (.839) on the other side. When turning the dials, I just happened upon a tone where the harmonics are slapping you in the face. So excited to use this. This one is for me, and I put my daughter’s (nick)name on it because the pedal is her favorite color.

Great job Kevin! The versatility you provide in your circuits is incredible. So many flavors in one enclosure. You’d think after building 14 of your pedals I would be satisfied… not so! There are so many variants and how you provide the ability to tweak things is awesome!

Modifications or part substitutions

Orange one is 1N914 + 1N4001 (1.023) symmetrical in the 3rd clipping option.
Blue one is 1N914 + 1N4001 (1.028) & 1N914 + 1N270 (.839) asymmetrical in the 3rd clipping option.