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Korg SDD3000 Preamp Clone

Project: Eclipse (SDD-3000 Preamp)
Variant: Korg SDD3000 Preamp

Build description

Great project! Since I finished it, it become one of my always on pedal! With a extremely subtle compression and boost in a kind of sparkle high end and hi-mid range. Put it after your mod or time based pedal it’ll enhance your wet signal. Forfot to mention it: IT HILARIOUS LOUD! You might think it gonna blow your amp out!

The NKA0515SC might cost a bit but definitely worth it! Also I built it with Philips mrs25 series, Wima and BC caps, made it reliable and clear sounding.

There’s no any problem with the project, also the quality of the board is extraordinary.
If you track back the Korg’s engineering manual, you;ll find that the schematic tracked correct and reasonable.

Would built another one for my pedal set up. Highly recommend for anyone eager for a SUPER LOUD clean boost without any bothering mid coloration.

Modifications or part substitutions

I ended up taking off the output level pot, since anyone using this preamp, including The Edge himself would definitely turn it all the way up, and control the headroom & volume with the input gain and boost level.