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Project: Helios (RAT Distortion)
Variant: The 4-knob build

Build description

RESISTORS: Yageo & Xicon brand metal film & no value substitution at all.

CAPACITORS: HQ Panasonic solid polymers, low ESR electros, CDE silver mica + film and ceramic caps.

OpAmp: Motorola LM308AN

For this build, I only installed D1 & D2 clippers. I will include the 2nd set of clippers, Smoothness trimmer & Clipper selector switch in my next Helios build.

This project just works & it sounds great! The RAT lives on!

Aion-designed PCBs are extremely well-thought-of & with simple & clear instructions, making pedal building fun, easy & very rewarding.

Thanks to Kevin for an excellent re-design of this popular pedal based on the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion.

Please share your build experience on Helios. Thanks for reading.