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Triple pedal with the Refractor, 1776 Rub-a-Dub Deluxe and Madbean Pork Barrel

Project: Refractor (Klon Centaur / KTR)

Build description

Since this is technically a build report on the Refractor I’ll stick to it for the most part. The build went fairly easy it’s a pretty tight squeeze in some parts but it all went together nicely. The instructions were easy to follow and well written. The buffered switch being the most difficult part of the build, but I connected it up as if it was the only pedal in the box and it worked perfectly from the first power up (I wish I could have said the same for the other 2 but that is another story). I socketed the ic’s, D1-2, R10 and C14. I had several ic’s and ge diodes I was going to try but the person I made it for loved it as is I didn’t really get to try them out. I ended up using the tl027’s and D9E for the clippers.

Modifications or part substitutions

I substituted a 1k for R10 and an 8n2 for C14