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Dodgy Boiler

Project: Meteor (Ibanez SD-9 Sonic Distortion)

Build description

I’m a longtime fan of the original Sonic Distortion pedals from the ’80s, so when Kevin started offering his Meteor board I ordered one immediately. I did pretty much a straight-up build per the Aion instructions (which are clear and informative as always) but adapted to fit a larger BB box, include battery etc.

One change I made was with the mid-mod caps; I kept CX2 at 68n but reduced the value of CX1 from 33 to 18n. With a normal (not center-off) switch, this gives me total tone cap value options of 101n (stock, scooped mids) and 51n (flat or maybe even slightly bumped midrange). Also, I found that the stock clipping diodes were just too compressed and quiet, so I raised the forward voltage a bit by adding a BAT41 in series with the 1N914 on one side (D3) and a 1N34 on the other (D4). This sounds very similar to stock but with a healthier output and a bit less “fizz”. For D4 and D5 I have LEDs, which work as a great switchable alternative for a louder, crunchier tone.

I’m super-happy with the way this one came out, in fact its probably my favorite build to date. Sounds great – very rock’n’roll but musical at the same time – and the mods make it so versatile.

Brad B.

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One of my new favorite dirt pedals.

Project: Meteor (Ibanez SD-9 Sonic Distortion)
Variant: Meteor

Build description

I used EPCOS and Panasonic box film caps, and Nichicon electrolytic caps.
For resistors, metal film 1% 1/4W.
I used 24-gauge solid wire for hookup.
This was my first experience with lead-free solder – it seemed to slow me down compared to lead solder.
I wanted to re-use an old enclosure that was pre-drillled for a Marshall guvnor, so I had to hookup the toggle switches with wire.

I have been going through all the old style drive and distortion pedals. I’ve never strayed too far from the DOD 250 and the Zvex Distortron.

This one sounds incredible. Loud, raunchy rock-and-roll.
It is dead-quiet. A lot to do with the PCB layout and the premium components I used.
It’s articulate, and crunchy, especially with the LED clippers.

It’s a relatively simple build. I built the Nobels ODR (Andromeda) from Aion and that was way more challenging, and had very specific and uncommon component values.

I can already see I’m going to be experimenting with this circuit, but as-is it sounds great.

Modifications or part substitutions

The first set of clipping diodes I used 1N914+1N5817 in one direction, and 1N914+1N34A Ge.
For the second set, I used a symmetrical pair of red 3mm LEDs.