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Project: Nimbus (Maxon OD-820 Overdrive)

Build description

This is a thick-sounding OD! Not to be confused with muddy – it sounds great with humbuckers as well as single coils.

Really nice, easy build, thanks to Kevin’s well thought-out approach and instructions. A breeze to put together.

I used adhesive foil inkjet paper, plus Envirotex, to do the enclosure. The foil paper looks good with this woodcut theme.

Dennis the Menace

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Green Sparkle is the new Green.

Project: Nimbus (Maxon OD-820 Overdrive)
Variant: N/A

Build description

Already did a Klon type pedal before so seeing this pedal listed on the site got me all exited. It’s supposed to be the ‘upgraded’ version of the old maxon 808 circuit using an internal ‘charge pump’ that increases the pedals ‘headroom’ and reduces compression. This pedal can be used as both an overdrive or clean boosts depending on your settings.

Sourcing the correct parts was tricky but I managed to get everything I needed from Small-bear and Both are awesome and quick, however small-bear had very high shipping costs to Europe. The enclosure is from, and while they were very slow to ship the quality is really good!
The B type enclosure is really small and this build is a very very tight fit but luckily I managed to stuff it all in and got it working. The board from Aion is really good and was easy to populate/solder. Instructions are nice and detailed.

This is a nice sounding overdrive that will work very well for juicy lead parts or gritting up a clean channel. For boosting an already distorted channel it cuts the bass a little too much for my tastes (I will try and see if I can mod this) but the added flavor and compression are just right, very transparent drive with a musical voicing that you can blend in with your guitar signal. It’s not very noisy either when engaged. Nice Pedal!

Will update pictures once I get the lettering and artwork done.

Modifications or part substitutions

NOS/Special parts used: 2SK246 from (smallbear), JRC4558D and the tiny ceramic caps (both taken from an old Marantz HiFi Equalizer)
Everything else is as listed in the instructions.
The bypass switching resistor I used is 1M and I have no issues with popping or noise or whatsoever.