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Bonkosky J.E.

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880 soft distortion build

Project: Quark (Maxon OD-880 Overdrive)

Build description

Built with love and: NOS Raytheon RC741DN opamps, Nichicon film and electrolytic caps, and a handful of other junk parts and wire that I had sitting around. Etched hammond 1590B box painted with green hammerite paint and polished with 1200 grit sand paper and baking soda.

Modifications or part substitutions

Ended up using 3.3K for RX1 and .33uf for CX1. Standard clipping and all 3 pads bridged for the tone switch. Sounds good with my P90 LP and my Tele through a brown deluxe. Sounds like a Distortion+’s polite younger brother :).