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Fractal is a good name for this thing

Project: Fractal (Pearl OD-05)

Build description

I am loving the EQ on this thing; born to be maxed out and provides such a range of OD tones, from fat warhammer to the chest to jangley volley of arrows. The clip switch provides choice between the (stock) soft clipping option of a pair of 1N914 diodes with series resistors, and hard clipping via 2 series pairs of BAT41 (I had them lying around, they are low enough as regards clipping threshold/forward voltage to use in this circuit, and the clincher was that they were blue, which matches the PCB). The difference is subtle, and most noticable at high drive and EQ gain settings (one more reason to crank the thing).

Modifications or part substitutions

This is a nice circuit so I didn’t bother with any mods, aside from the optional second clipping diode selection – BAT41s as mentioned above. Considered the Q mod and might go backl to implement that in the future, but the EQ is really nice as is.