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Steven Seeley

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The Door Church RC Booster

Project: Malacandra (Xotic AC/RC Booster)
Variant: RC Booster w/ 500k gain pot

Build description

Built this pedal for the worship leader at my church. This is my 8th Aion build and I am still unbelievably impressed at how clean these circuit layouts are. The build went together smoothly, and after having to wait an additional week for the enclosed 1/4″ jacks (definitely use them – OR DON’T put the jacks on top), I finally finished it an hour before a rehearsal. Of course, I had to test drive the pedal and it sounds fantastic. I love the two-band tone controls. They let you dial in exactly what you need. The extra gain on tap when using the 500k is a great feature as well. Although, if you’re wanting an RC, you probably don’t intend on going into the AC-esque gain range. It’s still fun to have. On my test drive of the pedal, I put it immediately after my Refractor (and before my Titan). While I didn’t use the Malacandra with the Titan, the Malacandra is right at home when stacked behind the Refractor – and sounds truly incredible with a Tele and Blues Junior. Great pedal. I’ll probably end up making one of these for myself to keep.

Modifications or part substitutions

500k gain potentimeter