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Matthew A

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Convex Dual Parallel Compressor

Project: Convex (Dinosaural OTC-201)
Variant: Convex Compressor - in a 1590B enclosure

Build description

This is my build of the Aion Convex Parallel Compressor. It took some modification, but I was able to fit it into a 1590B enclosure (see pics). The compressor sounds amazing! Incredible fullness to it and the controls work in a range that is perfect.

I used “Lumberg 1/4” jacks from “Love My Switches” to fit in the smaller enclosure. I also had to cut the “sides” to fit (just a hair) the width of the pcb. I think it turned out nice with the a cool “pink” LED.

Water-slide decals on a piece of 1/16″ aluminum and a vintage old industrial nameplate complete the look.

A very nice pedal – suitable for “always on” and just sounds fantastic.