Andromeda Natural Overdrive PCB

Andromeda (125B) - Nobels ODR-1 Natural Overdrive Guitar Pedal PCB



This is a new version of the Andromeda with an updated layout and support for top-mounted jacks. Includes bypass switch board. The previous version of the Andromeda is still available.

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Project description

The Andromeda Natural Overdrive is a recreation of the Nobels ODR-1, a somewhat obscure pedal from Germany that nonetheless is considered a “secret weapon” among Nashville studio musicians. The new 125B version of the Andromeda has a new layout but is otherwise identical to the earlier 1590B version. No features were added or removed.

The primary complaint of the ODR-1 is that it has way too much bass with no way to dial it out. To that end, this project incorporates a variable bass control inspired by the Timmy and Zendrive. The stock tones are still there with the knob all the way up, but now you have the option to dial it back.

Looking at the schematic, you can see a stark difference with Japanese-designed pedals (i.e. most Ibanez & Boss circuits). This is German engineering at its finest—tons of odd-value resistors and capacitors forming very precise filters and signal shaping. This is not a particularly simple build, but it’s very rewarding and well worth the effort.