Azimuth (125B) - Hermida Zendrive Guitar Pedal PCB



This is a new version of the Azimuth with an updated layout and support for top-mounted jacks. Includes bypass switch board. The previous version of the Azimuth is still available.

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Project overview

The Azimuth Dynamic Overdrive is a recreation of the Hermida Zendrive, first released in 2004 and taken over by Lovepedal in 2013. The circuit has changed very little since its inception, with the only major change being the op-amp which happened after Lovepedal took over.

The Zendrive can be seen as a stripped-down Tube Screamer. It starts with a standard Tube Screamer-style clipping section, followed by a variable R-C treble cut and a buffer. The bass is adjustable via the “Voice” control, which varies the corner frequency of the filter coming off the op-amp. This also has the side-effect that the available gain increases as the Voice control is turned up.

Despite the legendary stature of the Zendrive, the circuit has among the lowest parts count of any Aion FX project and is a very good starting point for new builders.