Azimuth - Hermida / Lovepedal Zendrive Guitar Pedal PCB



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Project overview

aion_azimuth_zendrive_pcb_populatedThe Zendrive was one of the first “Son of Screamer” overdrive types, stripping the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer circuit down to its bare minimum and ending up with something that actually sounds a lot different.

The result is a four-knob overdrive with a surprising amount of complexity. The “Voice” knob affects the amount of bass in the signal, but also changes the gain structure, while the Treble control is a simple treble roll-off rather than the Tube Screamer’s more complex op-amp tone circuit. The Zendrive is often compared to the legendary Dumble amplifiers, and is used by Robben Ford (a noted Dumble enthusiast) for that reason.

In 2013, Alfonso Hermida merged his business with Lovepedal and they assumed responsibility for the manufacture and distribution of the Zendrive. Today, it’s correctly referred to as the Lovepedal Zendrive.