Azimuth Dynamic Overdrive Kit

Azimuth Kit - Hermida Zendrive Guitar Pedal PCB



This kit comes with everything you need to build a clone of the Hermida Zendrive. A great choice for beginners who have never built a pedal before.

This is the kit version of the Azimuth project. If you just want the PCB by itself and are OK with sourcing all your own parts, please see the main project page.

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This kit is based on the Hermida Zendrive. With a low parts count, this kit is a great choice for someone who has never built a pedal before.

Priority shipping to the USA is only $5.00 per order no matter how many kits you buy. As long as the order contains at least one kit, you can add as many PCBs and other products as you want and they will ship together at the same rate.

Shipping to Canada is $15, and the rest of the world is $22. Non-US orders are shipped via standard first-class international service.

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What's different about Aion FX kits?

Professional enclosures

The enclosures are drilled, powdercoated and printed by Disaster Area Designs in North Carolina.

Aion FX Kits - Enclosures

Top-mounted jacks

All kits use top-mounted input, output and DC jacks so they take up the least amount of pedalboard space (even less than a smaller 1590B enclosure with side jacks). They are all PCB-mounted on their own board, separate from the main PCB, for ease of assembly.

Aion FX Kits - Top Jacks

Wire assemblies

You can leave your wire stripper in the toolbox. All kits come with wire assemblies that are already cut to length, so they just need to be soldered to the board and plugged in. This makes wiring simple and foolproof, as well as making it very easy to disassemble the circuit for troubleshooting.

Aion FX Kits - Inside

Premium footswitches

These switches have the longest rated life (50,000 cycles) of any 3PDT footswitch, and they also have much lower actuation force and switch travel than the others. They also have gold-plated contacts and solder lugs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Aion FX Kits - Footswitches

Exclusive footswitch dress nut

I designed these myself and had them custom-manufactured. They’re made of nickel-plated brass, so they match most of the rest of the hardware. They serve no functional purpose other than to make your pedal look awesome and stand out.

Aion FX Kits - Dress Nuts

Detailed documentation

With almost 150 illustrations and diagrams, the documentation is written clearly and thoroughly, with the goal of lowering the barrier to entry for people who are new to the hobby. I’ve pored over every last detail, so you don’t have to fill in any gaps on your own.