Flare / Fuzz Factory DIY PCB

Flare - 8-Knob Fuzz Factory Guitar Pedal PCB



Version 1.1 now available with ENIG gold plating. The previous version of the documentation can be downloaded here.

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Project overview

Aion Flare - Fuzz Factory DIY PCB ProjectIf the ZVEX Fuzz Factory doesn’t have enough knobs for you, or if you aren’t a fan of the trademark sideways orientation, the Flare project allows you to build a clone with eight knobs instead of the original five—and it all fits in a 1590B, too. Here are the new pots you can use:

  • Body: Blends between two input capacitors (a 10uF and a 100n) to control the amount of bass that is let into the circuit.
  • Soft: This is a pregain control that allows for adjustment of the feedback resistor on the first transistor. By dropping the value of this resistor, the circuit transforms into more overdrive or distortion territory than full-on fuzz insanity. In Version 1.1, a minimum value resistor was added to this control to prevent it cutting out in the last 20% of the rotation.
  • Tone: This is a “Stupidly Wonderful Tone Control” (SWTC) that’s been appended to the circuit. The Fuzz Factory can be a bit bright, so this helps take the edge off.