Suhr Riot DIY PCB - Fusion Distortion

Fusion - Suhr® Riot™ Guitar Pedal PCB



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Project overview

The Fusion Distortion circuit is inspired by the Suhr® Riot Distortion™ pedal. The Riot was originally a modified clone of the MI Audio Crunch Box, which in turn was a tweaked variant of the Marshall Bluesbreaker with some inspiration from the Fulltone OCD. Like the Crunch Box, the Riot is in the family of Marshall-like pedals and is lauded for its high gain “stack of amps” tone. It was originally released in 2009.

The Fusion is not a direct clone or copy of the Riot or its successor, the Riot Reloaded. It is most similar to the original version, but with an added option for 18V operation using a charge pump. It also has an internal “Presence” control which the original does not have.

Aion Electronics has no affiliation with Suhr® or JS Technologies. Riot Distortion™ is a trademark of JS Technologies.