Hadron - Lovepedal Eternity Guitar Pedal PCB



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Project overview

The Hadron Dynamic Overdrive is a recreation of the Lovepedal Eternity, first released in 2005. There have been several versions of the Eternity throughout the years, with names like Burst, Fuse, Kanji, D-Mod, and Roadhouse. However, they all have the same basic circuit. The provided parts list is based on the original Eternity, but you should be able to build almost any version if you know what changes to make. The differences are typically only in the component values used and the number of clipping diodes.

Like the Zendrive, the Eternity can be seen as a stripped-down Tube Screamer, based on the original 1997 “Son of Screamer” circuit by Jack Orman. It’s essentially a Tube Screamer without input & output buffers. This makes it interact better with a guitar’s volume & tone knobs, but on the flip side it also interacts with the pedals that come before & after.

Alongside the Azimuth, the Hadron has among the lowest parts count of any Aion FX project and is a very good starting point for new builders.