Karkadann Dynamic Overdrive PCB

Karkadann - Way Huge Green Rhino Mark II Guitar Pedal PCB



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Project overview

The Karkadann Dynamic Overdrive is an adaptation of the Way Huge Green Rhino Mark II, an updated version of the original Green Rhino that was first released in 1996, based on the Tube Screamer. While it was technically their best-selling pedal, only 419 of them were produced while Way Huge was active between 1992 and 1999.

In 2008, Jeorge Tripps went to work for Dunlop, who was eager to resurrect the Way Huge brand with their support behind it. The Mark II version was designed by Jeorge and released in 2011.

The Mark IV followed in 2016. There is no record of a Mark III, so either it was an unreleased prototype or they just skipped a number. Regardless, the Mark IV drops the Curve control and adds a new 500 Hz control, along with a toggle switch to drop both the 100 Hz and 500 Hz EQ stages to return it to the sound of the original 1990s version.

Another confusing detail: the original Green Rhino was called the “Green Rhino Overdrive II” to distinguish it from the Red Llama, the company’s other overdrive. There was only one version of the Green Rhino during the 1990s and it was always called the Overdrive II. The Mark II that came fifteen years later is different!

The Karkadann is a direct adaptation of the Green Rhino Mark II circuit with no modifications.