Lumin Sonic Enhancer - BBE Sonic Stomp DIY Project

Lumin (125B) - BBE Sonic Stomp / Sonic Maximizer Guitar Pedal PCB



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Project overview

The Lumin Sonic Enhancer is a work-alike of the BBE Sonic Stomp, the single-channel stompbox version of the rackmounted Sonic Maximizer first released in the late 1980s.

The sound is often described as like taking a blanket off your speaker. It adds clarity and definition to your tone and can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of rigs and settings.

The original unit uses a proprietary analog IC manufactured by New Japan Radio that contains the core of the circuit. The Lumin is a reverse-engineered expansion of the circuit on that chip, but it should be stressed that it is not a clone, because the chip implementation is patented. A midrange knob has been added along with switches to set the frequencies of the Process and Contour knobs.

The Lumin works equally well for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar, but the default configuration in the parts list is best suited for electric and acoustic guitar.

The updated 125B version of the Lumin adds some additional power filtering on the ICs, but otherwise nothing has been changed from the older 1590B version.