Procyon Natural Overdrive PCB

Procyon (125B) - BJFe Honey Bee Overdrive Guitar Pedal PCB



This is a new version of the Procyon with an updated layout and support for top-mounted jacks. Includes bypass switch board. The previous version of the Procyon is still available.

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Project overview

The Procyon Natural Overdrive is a clone of the BJFe Honey Bee Overdrive, a circuit first released in 2002 that is credited for starting the “low gain overdrive” trend.

The circuit itself is a rather unique overdrive design, incorporating both soft and hard clipping and utilizing frequency-dependent negative feedback from different points in the circuit, for a result that is often called “amplike” in tone.

These pedals were handmade in Sweden and were extremely expensive ($300-400 USD), and so in 2011 an agreement was made with BearFoot FX to produce them in the USA for a more reasonable cost.

Bearfoot has also released a number of variants of this basic circuit such as the Model H, Model G, Honey Beest, Uber Bee, and Sparkling Yellow Overdrive. While each of these circuits are similar, the Procyon project only supports the standard Honey Bee (both BJFe and BearFoot versions, which have minor differences).