Runoffgroove Tri-Vibe PCB

Tri-Vibe - Runoffgroove Tri-Vibe Guitar Pedal PCB



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Project overview

The Runoffgroove Tri-Vibe is a vibrato & phaser circuit that is a great deal simpler than the comparable vintage circuits. Unlike most vibrato implementations, no BBDs are used, and instead the Tri-Vibe’s topography is much more similar to a phaser using OTAs, but with an LFO that has been optimized for the vibrato effect.

The result is true pitch vibrato—not just the deep phasing that is often called vibrato in circuits like the Univibe. However, by mixing the dry signal back in via a toggle switch, the Tri-Vibe can achieve more traditional phaser tones similar to two-stage phasers such as the Phase 45.

The Aion FX version of the Tri-Vibe is a direct adaptation of the original Runoffgroove circuit with no modifications, just a little bit of addiitonal power filtering.